Cittaerp Accounting

Cittaerp Financial Management allows your company to operate as a synergistic entity which allows the departments to take care of their own functions while still meeting the needs of the entire company. With Cittaerp, all the departmental functions are in different modules and are at the same time integrated together as one and thereby, provides communication through increased access to information companywide. As each function and department perform their tasks and generates relevant documents online real-time from the system, Cittaerp automatically raises relevant accounting entries internally.

General ledger (GL) is the foundation of Cittaerp financial management as it gives the company the needed flexibility to address the existing and potential financial management requirements of your organization. With the GL module, you can perform budgeting and planning tasks and enhance the reliability of your financial data as GL fully integrates with all other modules in the system. With the GL, system enables the CFO to design comprehensive financial statements in preferred accounting standards formats

Cittaerp financial management provides a means to create additional segments to the main or natural general ledger account to track revenues, costs or expenses by a specific attribute, without having to have the segment be embedded in the natural account itself. Additionally, these dimensions can also be linked to vendors and customers to facilitate the dimension tracking for a multitude of transactions. These dimension sets can then be used to establish reporting structures, as well as in the validation of data entered for transactions, minimizing errors.

Cittaerp Chart accounts functionality is highly flexible, and user-defined. It allows you to create a chart of accounts suitable for any business for your unique organization.  It can be structured or restructured to address specific business requirements. In addition, standard chart of accounts for different industries  are available for the Accountants  to amend or customize to meet the specific needs of their organizations.

Cittaerp enables you to drill down right to the individual lines in transactions and therefore, provides a comprehensive audit trail and quick review. Cittaerp has document management functionalities which makes it easy and convenient to validate online documentary evidence of transactions  for audit trail review.

Cittaerp has the functionalities, tools and options for  your CFO to comply with the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) or  IFRS for SME as the case may be, especially as it affects revenue recognition and IFRS financial statements reporting formats.

Tax Management

Cittaerp automate compliance for transaction taxes like sales tax , VAT, GST, Withholding taxes and other taxes. It allows quick detection and remediation of issues while maintaining a full audit trail. The tax management process becomes simplified while penalties from non-compliance are avoided.

Tax returns can be generated from the system at due dates based on the relevant  tax settings on Cittaerp.  It enhances the compliance process by completing and filing all forms and remitting all your transaction based taxes. Tax returns can be defined in accordance  with the relevant tax authority requirements and generated automatically from the system

Cittaerp has comprehensive and flexible tax functionalities to support both simple and complex tax regimes. Calculate on each line item or the entire document amount. Configure whether sales taxes are chargeable based on invoice date or  payment dates. It can handle multiple tax rates for different transaction categories .

Tax management functionality is integrated with all other modules in Cittaerp. Calculate taxes automatically based on the tax policy assigned to the customer, employee, or vendor record, and inventory items. System automatically passes relevant entries based on the defined GL accounts of the tax policies.

Cittaerp saves time as you automate manual tax calculation and use Cittaerp to prepare your tax returns to relevant authorities.

Cittaerp enables user-defined tax reports as required by the organisation as well as standard tax related reports .

Cittaerp Treasury Management

Cittaerp financial management automate treasury operations which ensures real-time visibility, 24/7 cash visibility of cash positions. Real-time views of cash positions enable your organization to improve decision-making around working capital.

Cittaerp optimize all aspects of the treasury function with integrated processes for managing cash and liquidity.  It ensures information regarding forex, cash-flows, orders , payments, parables, receivables,  inventories, and banking accounts are integrated thereby, providing real-time  insight and visibility over corporate  liquidity and financial risk management.

Cittaerp offers a fully managed and comprehensive bank communications channel to securely connect treasury customer collections and payments to banking partners on real-time basis.

Cittaerp optimizes cash forecasting and liquidity management. It creates projected financial cash flows, collects operational cash forecasts from inter-company subsidiaries and generates cash forecasts of expected cash flows.In addition, it predicts future cash flows based upon historical cash flows and therefore, provides an early warning system of cash surpluses and deficits. In addition, the system generates   variance analysis to track forecasting performance and tolerable variance limits .


Cittaerp automates cash reconciliation and provides exception-based reporting on account balances.  In addition, complies with the international accounting standard for treasury operations. It calculates revaluations for currencies , automates accounting treatments, including reversals and realized and unrealized exchange gains.  Treasurers must produce real-time and accurate accounting information for all cash movements and activity across bank accounts.

Cittaerp efficiently manages fund movement to achieve corporate value maximisation. It guides deployment of cash when and where it is needed and efficiently manages interbank funds movement and transactions.

Cittaerp has functionality to ensure efficient bank facility exposure management including interest rate sensitivity analysis.

  • Seamless validation of bank and interest charges based on user-defined rules.
  • All relevant information/rules/policies from bank loan/facility offer letters, standards rates for charges as approved by the regulatory authorities are user defined and automatically validated.
  • Bank statements of accounts are uploaded into the systems while system processes the expected charges for validation with the actual charges.
  • Exception and variance reports are generated instantly.

Cittaerp Financial Planning & Control

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Branches Management

Cittaerp has flexible branches management policy options. Do you manage your branch accounting centrally? Do you decentralize your branch accounting operations? Do you centralize your branch accounting but monitors performance of each branch? No matter the complexity of your branch management operational policies, Cittaerp provides the perfect solution that meets your specific requirements.

Cittaerp allows execution of inter-branch transactions. For example, inventory in one branch delivered to fulfill orders in another branch, orders received in one branch executed by another branch, amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch. The system can automatically pass relevant inter-branch entries on real-time basis per transaction as executed across branches.

Cittaerp enables real-time inter-branch reconciliation report for unmatched transactions. Cittaerp can be set up to automatically raise inter-branch transaction entries.

The policy related data like products, pricing, discounts, accounts charts, expense budgeting and various other policies can be configured from the head office and automatically apply across the branch network, providing a consistent policies  application and  experience to customers across all branches.

Cittaerp allows branch data segregation, so that users of a branch do not have access to data of other branches. Tight security by role-based users rights and privileges to access specific parts of the Cittaerp.

Cittaerp ensures online real-time information flow between branches, locations, departments, teams and therefore, enhance quick and informed decision-making process.It enables real-time company wide report as well as individual branch report including branch performance , cash flows and financial position reports.

Inter-Companies Management

Cittaerp empowers multiple unit companies to approve, review, and reconcile inter-company transactions and balances across currencies and geographies in real time. Centralize end-to-end inter-company accounting management and streamline process, reduce risk, and realize global visibility.

Cittaerp allows multi-companies to achieve unified scheduling and distribution across all facilities, quickly and easily. It enables synchronized, web-based control of just-in-time transactions across multiple companies in the group, corporate office, subsidiaries, and associated companies.

Cittaerp enables intercompany transactions, automated journal entries from a centralized system. This provides the means for a single process for agreeing to, creating, posting, and settling intercompany transactions.

All the complexity inherent to inter-company accounting and inter-company reconciliations, including issues over currency exchange rates, transaction amounts, recorded taxes, journal entry creation, and approval workflows, are simplified and controlled with Cittaerp.

Cittaerp track and automate financial reporting, inventory transfers, vendor, payments, cash management, and inter-company transfers across multiple related companies. Related companies can share charts of accounts, calendars, and currencies, as well as non-financial data. You can also manage inter-company journal transactions, intercompany goods transfers, company-specific cash accounts, and more.

Cittaerp prepares consolidation report for the group in line with international accounting standards. Financial reporting tools can eliminate inter-company transactions on company-wide reports. The system will automatically create due-from and due-to entries for inter-company transactions so that account stay in balance, and originated reports accurately reflect company-wide results.

Control access to specific companies and associated transactions based on roles and groups of users.

Multi-currency Management

Cittaerp allows you to transact in other multi-currencies other than your base reporting accounting currency in line with the international accounting standards. Accept payments and receive bills, send invoices, quotes and purchase orders in multi-currencies.

Cittaerp allows you to add a default foreign currency to a specific supplier, customer,  bank and general ledger account. Then all invoices, bills, quotes and purchase orders for the relevant contacts and accounts will default to that currency. Balances and statement of accounts can be generated in  base currency as well as other currencies

All foreign currency transactions are converted into base currency in real time. With foreign exchange rates updated manually or automatically periodically, the impacts of exchange gains and losses on  cash flow  are computed on real  time basis.

Cittaerp  allows you to determine whether you want the rates for a currency pair quoted indirectly or  whether you want the rates for a currency pair quoted directly. In addition, It comes delivered with standard currency codes with user defined functionalities to create new currencies .

In line with the international financial reporting  standards, you can translate base currency balance of foreign entity to your reporting currency. Translation takes place at the end of each accounting period for all accounts after revaluation.  Translation only occurs for branches or companies without base currency

In line with the international financial reporting standards, you can  revalue the base currency of the balance sheet accounts that you maintain in foreign currencies to reflect changes in value due to fluctuations in exchange rates. The revaluation process adjusts the base currency value of the account balances by creating adjusting entries for the accounts being revalued.  The process creates corresponding entries for any gain or loss that results from the revaluation. Revaluation takes place at the end of each accounting period for all Asset and Liability accounts prior to translation.

The Cittaerp Revaluation process finds all unpaid, posted vouchers for the specified business units or companies as of the specified date whose transaction currency is not the same as the base currency of the general ledger business unit. For each unpaid voucher, it uses the specified exchange rate and calculates a revaluation amount. – The accounting entry consists of an unrealized gain or loss entry with a matching offset on the parables account

User defined flexible foreign exchange reporting. Specify relevant currency in report , and the  reports will automatically be revalued using the latest currency conversions and exchange rates.

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