Customers Relationship

The Cittaerp functionality helps to maximize your customer information and broaden the scope of your data to everyone within the organization. Thereby, leveraging the enhanced business collaboration capabilities within the sales team as well as other internal stakeholders. The cross-functional business collaboration platform enhances customer service delivery, growth and retention.

Cittaerp manages manage your company’s interaction with current and potential customers. Provides information functionalities to cover new and potential customers while retaining existing customer communities. It Improves responsiveness which helps in driving increased customer retention. It delivers tailor-made customer experiences.

Cittaerp enables sales representatives to have 24/7 access on real time basis to information relating to existing and potential customers from any device.   This provide necessary platform and support for a highly mobile sales force

Cittaerp automates strategic marketing initiatives that drives sales and performance. It focuses on easing the overall marketing process to make it more effective and efficient.

Cittaerp uses data analysis functionalities to highlight customers’ history to improve business relationships with customers with specific focus on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Cittaerp integrates and automates sales, marketing, and customer support. It gives an overall view of the three functions on a single customer view in a dashboard.  It provides customer  information, past sales, previous marketing efforts, and more, summarizing all of the relationships between the customer and the firm.

Order to Cash

Cittaerp order-to-cash automates your business processes  end-to-end for receiving and processing customer orders with focus on customer presence, credit control and management , order creation, order confirmation , order fulfillment,  distribution and transportation, invoicing, account receivables, customer payments , collection , cash application and reporting.

Cittaerp is an “order-to-cash  ecosystem”  that encompasses everything involved with taking and filling orders, including many related functions that all have to be working together in order for the order management process to go smoothly. These include:

  • The customer who places the order, receives it and pays for it
  • The sales and/or customer service reps who discuss the order with the customer and enter the order into the system to be filled. Even, the customer can place the order from the comfort of its home through the self-service without the need to talk to the sales/or customer services reps.
  • The warehouse that carries the inventory to fill the order
  • Vendors or production department that delivers or produces stock to prevent stock-out
  • Shipping or Transporter that delivers the order to the customer
  • Back office functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger that generate invoices and accept payments

Cittaerp provides one centralized place to manage order to cash process from all sales channels and thereby, delivers a superior customer experience by providing order status, on-time deliveries and meeting customer expectations for buy, fulfill and return anywhere.

Cittaerp improves sales visibility and reduce delays and back orders by ensuring real time control  of demand, inventory and supply.

Cittaerp offers enhanced  efficiency in managing order-to-cash process across the whole enterprise. Buffer stock across the supply chain are minimised as it  enables faster and more efficient responsiveness to customer demands and marketplace changes.

Cittaerp ensures real-time information and support for customers while an order is in transit and after a sale is complete. It provides accurate data of customers need for order status, and efficiently manage product returns and exchanges.

Point of Sale

  • POS Fast checkout
  • Sales rep tracking
  • Multi-store inventory look-up
  • Gift cards, promotions and coupons
  • Real-time sales dashboard
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Real-time reporting across multiple locations
  • Time sensitive pricing and promotions
  • Purchasing and replenishment
  • Fulfilment, shipping and logistics
  • Service management
  • Integrated customer management
  • Accept credit cards anywhere at any time
  • Track and manage inventory across channels as well as  location-based inventory
  • Accept any form of payment
  • Apply discounts or customize taxes
  • Email or text customers their receipts
  • Process refunds
  • CheckOut Point of Sale
  • Head Office Administration
  • Back Office Inventory
  • Customer Engagement

Cittaerp POS functionalities are tailored towards your specific industry requirement and directed at your unique business environment. The same POS software will not be compatible to all industry, but Cittaerp POS has the functionality to reflect the precise needs of your business in various industries .

Cittaerp POS has sales reporting and analytics functionalities to allow you to capture and analyse your store’s sales data. This provides visibility into your entire operation. It gives you a real-time snapshot of the performance of your store through reports and metrics. Relying on concrete data rather than guesswork enables you to make more informed decisions to potentially increase sales and profitability.  It automatically keeps track of products that are selling well as well as shows how much revenue you’re making on each product. The real-time transparency allows you to identify critical high moving and profitable products as well as focusing on driving up sales.

Cittaerp POS collects data on your customers’ purchase histories, allowing you to identify your most valuable shoppers based on their spend, while tracking the entire retailer-customer relationship. This helps in planning loyalty marketing initiatives to create ambassadors for your brand as well as driving sales growth. You can easily understand your customers are and build loyalty programs around them.

Cittaerp POS makes  the inventory management process effortless. It monitor all the critical information about the store from individual transactions to purchases and therefore, making  ordering from vendors easy as re-order level calculation are automated. Its inventory management  functionalities help you keep track of the complete catalogue of your products, whether on display or in the storeroom

With Cittaerp POS, you have flexibility  to scale scale up, add more selling stations or scale down as needed, compatible with all types of POS hardware quick item look up, easy customer creation, split payments and painless returns. Cittaerp POS is built specifically for retail. Employees with little technical skills or retail experience can be trained in minutes.

Cittaerp POP offer online access which helps you stay connected with the business from anywhere remotely with any device.  It is a convenient feature for franchises and business having more than one location.

Cittaerp POS functionalities give you control over your retail operations; increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and will help  in fine-tuning your business model.

Accounts Receivable Management

Cittaerp can help your free up cash and strengthen your working capital

Cittaerp automatically enforces clear and concise policies credit control policies and process for the organization. The credit control processes permeate the whole organization as inputs from sales functions are implemented to ensure market realities are reflected. Cittaerp account receivable functionalities consider when to circumstances that may merit overriding credit limits, issuance of credit waivers  and situations that would justify placing accounts on hold. The credit setting process and qualifying conditions and requirements  can also be automated on Cittaerp

Once you assign credit limits, payment terms, discounts, tax rates and return policies, delivery address, e-mail address and any other relevant terms to specific customers in Cittaerp, those terms will be automatically reflected in the customer billing, delivery and collection systems. Cittaerp allows multiple account receivable control options including the following among others.

  • Centralize or decentralize account receivable process
  • Role based access right for managing manage customer data
  • Exception reports to identify customers with abnormal credit limits, payment terms, and/or discount rates
  • Alerts and notification for changes to customer data apart from the required workflow approval management for customer master data.

Cittaerp generates automatic invoicing which is generated electronically at the point of transaction and  can be sent by email as well as notification alerts to the customers . Relevant accounting entries relating to the automated invoicing are generated automatically by the system without any manual input or potential entry error risk.

Cittaerp delivers a flexible customer rebate and commission system which provides management with an opportunity to optimize working capital.  Cittaerp ensures standardized processes and controls for rebates and commissions. It simplifies the complexity in the calculation of rebates and commissions as well as consistency in timings.

Cittaerp has option for automatic payment application and matching against customer invoices. In addition, it is possible to manually apply payments to appropriate invoices and not just the oldest invoices . System enforces allocation of payments to specific invoices rather than simply crediting the customer account.  This ensure simple accounts receivable reconciliation process .

Cittaerp delivers e-collection functionalities which can be integrated to your banks and relevant payment gateways. Cittaerp ensures customer payments through various collection channels are instantly updated to customers account on real-time basis

Customer Self-Service Order Portal

Cittaerp B2B self -service portal for registered customers makes the ordering process easy and effective. It enhances and simplifies  your customers’ ordering  and relationship experience. Customers can track order status in real-time, view or print online statements, and perform various customer related activities . The customer self-service portal provides 24/7 access and assistance on any device.

With Cittaerp Customer Self-Service Portal,  your customers can automate and manage their orders directly from your their portal. A workflow process routes for ordering operations can be defined internally inline with the companies’s business operating procedures and approval policies for ordering transactions

Organizations can easily fulfill  and track customer orders, manage custom pricing and meets specific and unique customer needs on Cittaerp Customer Self-service Portal.

With Cittaerp Customer Self-Service Portal, product list can be published online while customers are invited to access and browse the listing. Up-to-date product pricing, discount and rebates policies are always available to customers.

Multiple online and offline payment options available to customers on the Cittaerp Customer Self Service Portal

Cittaerp Customer Self-Service Portal, enhances and improves productivity of the sales team through efficient customer service and real time management. It provides effective communication platform between sales executives and customers.

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